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Taking care during Covid-19.


Check this page regularly for all the latest on the pandemic. Thanks for trusting us with your health care: we’re here to make sure we all get through this together.

The brand new boosters are here.

As of August 31, the FDA and CDC authorized the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines to be used as a single updated (or second) booster dose. The new booster is being offered at CVS Pharmacy locations nationwide: you can make an appointment at or through the CVS Pharmacy app as doses are received.

Home test kits program suspended.

The federal government suspended the free over-the-counter test kit program on September 2, 2022. However, the OTC insurance coverage continues to be in effect during the public health emergency, which was extended through October 15, 2022. You can log into your member portal to confirm specific coverage details.

Get the very latest on the vaccine.

The COVID-19 vaccine is free for you and your family. To find the latest vaccination and booster locations and get daily updates, go to the Texas Dept. of Health website. You can also visit our FAQ page to have all your COVID-19 vaccine questions answered simply.
Visit the Texas Dept. of Health
Learn more about the vaccine

See your local CVS Pharmacy® for shots and testing.

To get a COVID or flu shot, take a test or buy a home test kit, visit any MinuteClinic or CVS Pharmacy.
Find your nearest CVS Pharmacy location
Book a test or a vaccine appointment

If you or a family member have symptoms.

If you’re experiencing cold-or flu-like symptoms such as sore throat, cough or fever, limit your contact with and exposure to family members - and get tested. If possible, quarantine yourself and them to separate areas of your home. Continue to wash your hands and all common surfaces, and wear a mask until symptoms have cleared.

It’s fine to take over-the-counter meds: just check with your pharmacist if you’re worried about them interacting with other prescriptions you have. Drink plenty of liquids. You can also use a room humidifier and take a hot shower to ease discomfort.

If you have breathing difficulties or chest pain, you should contact your doctor, or 911 if it’s an emergency. If you have other questions or less severe symptoms, you can chat with a board-certified ER physician 24/7 through Anytime-MD.
Visit Anytime-MD

Reduce the risk.

In addition to getting vaccinated, we can all take simple precautions that significantly protect us against infection, or spreading the virus if we’re sick. They’re all about limiting your exposure and lowering the risk.

  • Wash your hands with soap and warm water for 20 seconds as often as possible.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Don’t touch your face (eyes, nose and mouth) with unwashed hands.
  • Regularly clean and disinfect common surfaces and high-touch objects regularly.
  • Wear a mask whenever you can’t maintain social distancing by 6 feet or more. This means in stores, where groups gather, on public transport.

If you need care.

To limit your exposure and to avoid potentially infecting others, we recommend you use virtual health visits and the phone for routine care. However, there may be some instances where an in-person appointment is more advisable. If you need to be clear on the right choice, you can use Anytime-MD or call your primary care provider.
Visit Anytime-MD

Act on emergencies, immediately!
First and foremost, if you or a family member have a medical emergency, don’t hesitate to call 911 or go the emergency room. Examples include chest pain, shortness of breath, weakness down one side of your body, blackouts, a bad injury or wound.

Screenings make sense.
If you’ve postponed tests related to existing chronic conditions or preventative care, please make those appointments. This includes screenings or lab tests for diabetes, cancer, heart conditions and more. Follow up care is vital to manage any existing conditions you currently have, as well as to identify any potential changes.

Keep the kids’ check-ups.
Same with the kids: call your doctor for a wellness visit, so they get the full check-ups and all the immunizations they need.

Safe process, secure prescriptions.
Don’t worry, there’ll be a process in place for all appointments to limit exposure to the virus while you’re there. Please confirm the visit guidelines before you go. And don’t forget, you can get any prescriptions delivered for free through your local CVS Pharmacy. This cost share waiver is good through August 31.

You’re not alone: help with stress.

It’s not unusual to feel a little anxious and overwhelmed at this time. Feel free to speak to a Texas Health Behavioral Health Specialist through the Anytime-MD behavioral health option on the app. Other free, related resources are below.

For parents of vulnerable children.

For concerns about domestic violence, unhealthy relationships.


If you’re returning to work.

Here are other useful tips to stay safe and productive:

A great resource created by HR managers, government and health officers in Seattle, with best practices, checklists and recommendations.

Use Anytime-MD to speak to a live doctor 24/7 and get answers to your questions about the virus and all health issues.
Visit Anytime-MD

Here are some more helpful resources from our partners.
Visit Texas Health Resources

If you want to know more.

CDC and WHO are great sources of the latest news, updates and progress.
Visit the CDC
Visit the WHO

Aetna’s coronavirus website has more information, tips and answers on staying safe.
Visit the Aetna coronavirus website

Plus you can visit our partner, CVS Health, and their Covid-19 Resource Center.
Visit the CVS Covid-19 Resource Center

If you have questions about these options for care during the Covid-19 outbreak or any other issues, please call the number on the back of your member ID card and one of our team will be happy to help you.

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