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Expect more from our maternity programs.

At Texas Health Aetna, we want to provide all our moms-to-be with the personal support and resources they need to stay informed and healthy through pregnancy, birth and beyond. That’s why we offer a range of member services at no additional cost to help you, your family and the little life you’re carrying, wherever you are in your journey.

Managing at-risk pregnancies.

Run by experienced nurses, the Aetna Maternity Program offers personal support for moms-to-be with conditions that put them and their babies at risk. Through focused case management, regular contact, mailing and online resources, we provide advice, materials, counseling, and information to help you:

  • Know more about prenatal care, labor, delivery and newborn care
  • Understand signs and symptoms of preterm labor
  • Stop smoking or other harmful habits
  • Manage the risk factors associated with pregnancy
  • Introduce and maintain healthy lifestyle changes and goals
  • Plan child’s immunization and vaccination schedule

To enroll or find out more:

  • Call us at 1-800-272-3531 weekdays from 7am to 6pm CT 
  • Log in to your member profile and complete the survey

Classes to prepare and care.

With help from our partners at Texas Health Resources, we’ve arranged a variety of online, virtual (real-time) and in-person classes that help you understand and get ready for childbirth and caring for your newborn.

Free Online Pregnancy Class
An interactive class with information and advice on your baby’s development, nutrition, exercise, discomforts, hazards to avoid, emotions and tips to help your partner.
Register for the pregnancy class

Prepared Childbirth and Natural Prepared Childbirth
Two separate classes depending on your chosen method, covering all you need to know about labor and birth, support techniques, medications, breathing, movements, and postures. There’s also a related class for couples who are expecting twins, triplets or more.
Find Prepared Childbirth classes
Find Natural Prepared Childbirth classes

Coping Skills for Labor
For parents who’ve attended the above, and want to learn more about comfort measures and positioning to help manage labor.
Find Coping Skills for Labor classes

Caesarean Birth
This class reviews why Caesarean births are sometimes needed, emotional and physical support for mothers, and post-birth process and care.
Find Caesarean Birth classes

Discover more preparation and care classes

Caring for your baby.

These classes help you get to know your newborn, and how to ensure you both get off to a great, healthy start. You’ll learn everything from Baby Care Basics (bathing, diapers, swaddling, safe sleep) to Breastfeeding Basics, Breastfeeding for Working Moms (prep during maternity leave, pumping and storing) and how to soothe your baby and help them sleep with Happiest Baby on the Block.

Keeping baby safe.
We offer classes that teach first aid, CPR, injury and choking prevention for infants, as well as courses on babyproofing the house, risk factors for SIDS, choosing safe baby gear, car seat installation and safety. Including the family.
Find Baby Safety classes

Including the family.
We’re happy to provide classes that help big brothers and sisters (from 3 to 7), grandparents and dads prepare for the changes to family life: the kids express their feelings about the new arrival and create an art project, while the grownups learn how to keep the baby safe and how to help and support mom.
Find classes for grandparents
Find classes for dads

Keep feeling fit.
Moms-to-be can take yoga, cardio and water fitness classes, as well as safely rehabbing their abs and pelvic floor muscles. We have additional options for mom and baby to work out together (and kids up to 4 years old) in aerobic, cardio classes, plus fun water fitness for babies of 4 to 12 months, and a mom and baby yoga class.
Find fitness classes

Discover more baby care classes

Online and digital ways we can help.

Access the Aetna Maternity Support Center.
A plentiful resource containing information, health programs, discounts and incentives for moms to be, couples planning a family, and new moms. This helpful hub will be there for you from pregnancy through delivery, coming home and beyond, with plan-specific insights on costs and tests, educational videos and the latest expert clinical content.

Get access:

  1. Login
  2. Select “Health and Wellness”
  3. Select “Maternity Support Center”

Our Pregnancy Planning Guide.
This free guide includes plen! of tips and information to help couples on their journey to becoming parents.Text BABY (BEBE en español) to 511411.
Get the guide

Get baby emails delivered.
A regular series, popping into your inbox for moms-to-be (from 6 weeks pregnant) to moms of kids up to 3 years old, offering information about classes, arriving at the hospital, newborn care and more.
Sign up here

Use the Texas Health Baby App.
This convenient app includes information about what moms can expect for their hospital experience and beyond, including helpful contacts, prenatal and postpartum education.
Get the app

Keep close with community.

Join our Texas Health Moms Facebook Group.
This is the place to meet and find moms and moms-to-be talking about their experiences, discussing everything about pregnancy, birth and babies, swapping tips and asking questions about baby products, pediatricians, procedures.
Sign up for our Moms Facebook group

Meet up at our Mommy Mixers.
These groups meet virtually and are a great way to meet other new mothers who are experiencing the same celebrations and frustrations all new moms encounter.
Sign up here to receive an invitation to attend a virtual meeting

Support for depression and loss.

When new moms are dealing with the post-baby blues, or families suffer the heartbreaking loss of a child, there are several compassionate, experienced people they can turn to.

Postpartum Support Group (Plano)
Texas Health Plano offers a free support group for women dealing with depression after giving birth, offering personal support, encouragement and resources. The group meets virtually every Tuesday from 7-8:30 p.m.

Texas Health Behavioral Health
Serving our North Texas communities for more than 30 years, Texas Health provides a range of behavioral and mental health services from one-on-one coaching to treatment for anxiety, depression and grief.
Visit Texas Health Behavioral Health

Postpartum Support International
An established, well-regarded organization whose trained facilitators specialize in helping bereaved mothers with loss during pregnancy or infancy though support groups and counselling that provide an avenue for healing and hope.
Visit postpartum support international

Tommy’s Together
An established, well-regarded organization in the United Kingdom whose trained facilitators specialize in helping bereaved mothers with loss during pregnancy or infancy though support groups and counselling that provide an avenue for healing andhope.
Visit Tommy’s Together

Infant Loss Resources
An established, well-regarded organization whose trained facilitators specialize in helping bereaved mothers with loss during pregnancy or infancy though support groups and counselling that provide an avenue for healing and hope.
Visit Infant Loss Resources

A welcoming, healing community for anyone who has experienced the loss of their baby.
Visit Share

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